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 eTN  receives more than 2000 press-releases and guest posting requests every day. We don't charge for publishing news our assignment editors find relevant, non promotional and timely.

Why do we charge for most press releases and advertorial guest postings that include a company, association or destination reference?

eTN is a partner with the CNN International Task Group and a 13 year veteran for online news publishing. Currently 230,000 travel industry professionals worldwide are subscribed to our newsletters. 17000 news publications and journalists are receiving our wire updates, millions of consumers reading our news every day, through feeds, online, social media and our extensive syndicated network.

When it comes to publishing your media-releases - we do not expect that you work for free, neither can we.

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    eTN Rush eTN Daily eTN German language press release advertorial announcement
    one time rate* free $500 $200 $200 $150 $50
    Prepay 10* N/A $3000 $1500 $1250 $1000 $400
    unlimited pay monthly* N/A $2000 $750 $500 $750 $300
    unlimited pay every 3 months* N/A $4000 $1500 $1000 $1500 $600
    unlimited pay yearly* N/A $12500 $5000 $3000 $4500 $2000
    Included Words unlimited unlimited unlimited
    on the eTN web portal             
    on eTN German and BusinesTravel German  portal            
    on the FIR web portal                
    on the TID web portal and eTN Blogs                
    Time frame for posting and email news distribution editorial discretion within 3 hours 1-5 days 1-7 days daily 1-3 days
    expected audience 230.000- 1,3 million direct
    up to 10 million indirect
    18,000 17,000 direct
    millions indirect if content is reproduced
    Breaking news tips and story ideas not promoting a company, an organization or a destination.             
    Untimely guest postings (can be based on media releases) promotional content ok              
    Timely media releases              
    Reaching travel trade             
    Reaching journalists & Media             
    Reaching consumers              
    included on the eTN daily  emailed  to 150,000+ travel  professionals               
    eTN Rush, emailed every 3 hours to 60,000+ travel professionals             
    eTN Travel Industry Deals e- newsletter emailed to 60,000+ selling travel industry professionals              
    Indluced on the twice weekly eTN German langauge & business travel  newsletter            
    eTN Syndicated network of publications, may be seen by up to 10 million consumers               
    Syndicated news feeds, potential to be on thousands of websites worldwide             
    Google keyword news and RSS feeds with the potential to be seen by millions             
    EIN feeds and other news feeds targetng web portals worldwide            
    Included on major Internet search engines             
    Included on our social media network, including Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Linkedin            
    Searchable on all eTN web portals            
    Archived for years            
    Include photo or logo            
    Include a 468x60 pixel hyperlinked banner (also archived)              
    Stand alone special edition (additional cost)  
    Your article emailed to eTN readers as a special news edition
    Rates:North America  or German region $250.00 / Global $500.00

* all releases and postings subject to editorial evaluation and limitations.